• Over 500 folders 
  • 100 packages of crayons
  • 100 packages of magic markets
  • Over 1000 pencils
  • 50 Binders
  • 100 Notebooks

One of our Back-To-School deliveries included...

  • An XBOX 360 
  • Over 50 Boardgames including Monopoly, Shoots & Ladders, & Candyland!
  • 10 Pillow Pets
  • 20 Gift Cards 
  • Barbies & Dolls

Since going to college in a different state, Our Coupons Care has been continuing to grow more than I ever imagined. I have organized a team of volunteers that I communicate with in Westchester, NY and we continue to do monthly donations to the Coachman Center. Since 2012, I have formed teams of volunteers enabling Our Coupons Care to donate to underprivileged children in four states (NY, MA, CT and DE).

As I started understanding the intricacies of couponing, Our Coupons Care took off. I enlisted the help of my friends and family and was able to make bigger donations to the Coachman Center! As time went on, we started doing "themed" deliveries. Every summer, we would stock up on crayons, pencils, and binders for a "Back-To-School" delivery. Around November, we would start couponing presents for the holiday season! 


One of our holiday deliveries included...

Towards the end of 9th grade, I became obsessed with TLC's Network show "Extreme Couponing." I realized that the men and women on these shows were able to stockpile many items for extremely reduced of free prices. Some even received money back on their purchases!

 After seeing first-hand how the recession was impacting families around my community, I decided to start extreme couponing and donate all items to  The Coachman Family Center, in White Plains, NY, a shelter that offers temporary housing for families that have fallen on hard times. My first few deliveries were very small and consisted of a few yogurts and some toothbrushes. But slowly, I started getting more and more donations to use towards my purchases and got better at couponing! When I went to college my sister took over to make sure the families would still get the much needed deliveries.

Learning The Ropes 

‚ÄčExpanding Coupon Cares


How we got started...